Daniel Craig confirms «Bond 25»

In an interview with Stephen Colbert Craig confirms his return as 007.

Reason enough to push my own old content once again:

CraigIsBond revisited

My website CraigIsBond (then available on craigIsBond.net) was my spontaneous reaction to the 2006 online campaign against Craig taking over.

Celebrating the launch of «Spectre» in 2015 I was reviving the site to let you revisit and enjoy all the support and comments that had been posted between the years 2006 and 2009.


Best of rafenew.world

Best of rafenew.world

Am I too humble to boast about a simple new addition to the layout of my blog? Of course not! I give you a brand new feature called «Best of rafenew.world». In this newly added navigation point you’ll find all of rafenew.world’s highlights and evergreens you never even where looking for. Check it out on rafenew.world!

Best of rafenew.world
Best of rafenew.world

New Design for 2017

Finally a new, suitable wordpress theme for my blog: «Twenty Seventeen». 

Thanks a lot to wordpress and all the kind contributors who are helping the web to remain an awesome place! 

Note to self and to my two followers: The screenshot of the new design within the new design is more than confusing… sorry about that.