rafenew.world – The Book Episode IV Part One

The wait is over! All my full movie reviews are now available in print:

Not the book you need. But the book you deserve!

rafenew.world – The Book Episode IV Part One (Cover)

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About the Book

This defining movie guide and blog companion contains a plethora of equally passionate and subjective movie reviews published by the title-giving nerd on his blog rafenew.world between 2015 and 2020.
The second chapter gathers even more (German) pieces written for his former website nidwirkli.ch between 2003 and 2006. Some of the older texts may not have aged too well. But they bear not only witness to the coming of age of the author’s writing style, taste and character – they document two decades worth of evolution in cinema, pop-culture and society itself.
Each one of the more than 160 articles comes with its own QR Code, providing an interactive experience including free videos, graphics and even more digital content available on rafenew.world.
Being first and foremost a vanity project, this title delivers hours and hours of reading material, opinions, trivia, callbacks and, most important, fun for everyone lucky enough to have been a child in the eighties.

About the Author

Raphael Röthlin – designer and software engineer by trade, nerd at heart – was born and raised in a small Swiss farming village. Today he works and lives in the city, in a nice apartment – without a cat, but making the best of the situation.

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Daniel Craig confirms «Bond 25»

In an interview with Stephen Colbert Craig confirms his return as 007.

Reason enough to push my own old content once again:

CraigIsBond revisited

My website CraigIsBond (then available on craigIsBond.net) was my spontaneous reaction to the 2006 online campaign against Craig taking over.

Celebrating the launch of «Spectre» in 2015 I was reviving the site to let you revisit and enjoy all the support and comments that had been posted between the years 2006 and 2009.


Best of rafenew.world

Best of rafenew.world

Am I too humble to boast about a simple new addition to the layout of my blog? Of course not! I give you a brand new feature called «Best of rafenew.world». In this newly added navigation point you’ll find all of rafenew.world’s highlights and evergreens you never even where looking for. Check it out on rafenew.world!

Best of rafenew.world
Best of rafenew.world