HAMISPHERE – The new header pic

Finally, here it is: My nod to all this year’s «Power Rangers», «Transformers», «Ghosts in Shells» and other mechanoid-filled adventures:
RAFE NEW WORLD’s new header pic. I call it «HAMISPHERE».


My thanks go out to these awesome people who made this project possible:

rafeman header pic gallery

While simultaneously trying to connect a new wireless speaker*, writing an article, and of course, watching a movie, I was considering to write some reviews of some «old» movies, starting with «Edge of Tomorrow» (which I’m enjoying right now).

But then I realized that my reviews don’t really work that way because they’re mostly spontaneous, in a train of thought, «Gonzo»** kind of way, which doesn’t allow reviewing movies too long after I’ve watched them (the first time). Maybe I’ll find a different format for that some other time.

That’s why I have a different treat for you today: My new header picture gallery!

When I began making them, I was trying to give my Facebook profile some extra flavour and ended up creating some images grounded in my love for movies, TV and comics, with a hint of «je ne sais quoi», something fresh, personal (let’s say a cute piglet) – sometimes successfully,… sometimes not so much.

Finally I built a whole website and blog persona around it.

Please enjoy!


To be updated…

* unsuccessfully – I’m finally giving up AirPlay, it’s just not reliable,… I tooth my music blue now, only. 

** «Gonzo» might not be the apt*** word, but I wanted to use it anyway. (I just read the first paragraph about it in Wikipedia (as much as I got to read of «Nova Express», which is not by Hunter S. Thompson, I know.))

*** «Apt» might not be the apt word, I just google-translated it.

Creating a new header pic: Part 2

Due to change in weather, I’ve decided to update my current header pic project from snowy to springy. I shot some more pictures and learned from the mistakes I’d made while creating the first panoramic images as lighting and reference material (E.g. not to change camera settings or PTGui won’t recognize bracketed exposure sets).

In other news: Because my old MacBook Pro just wouldn’t deliver, I’ve acquired a shiny new HP Z2 mini Workstation which seems to handle the workload quite well. I switched back to Windows 10 for this project because a new comparable Mac would’ve been just too expensive. (Money I badly needed for a new Adobe Creative Cloud License.)

In other news: I’ve learned that if you need some real-world terrain meshes for reference or modelling purposes, you can get them via SketchUp and it’s built-in geolocation system.

And for anyone who’s wondering what all this might be leading up to some random design sketches:


Creating a new header pic: Part 1

It’s high time to create a new header image for rafenew.world. Main shooting has wrapped, now it’s time to really get started:

Trying out  something new this time, I’m currently getting the hang of Blender, photorealistic shading and HDRI lighting.

And while I’m waiting for my first HDR image to be processed by PTGui (fingers crossed) I finally understand why a certain professional panoramic photographer (and friend) always insists to get the newest and fastest computer to do his «dirty work». Man, that automated panorama stitching is awfully slow on my old MacBook Pro!

In the meantime, I’d like to share some great tutorials by the «Blender Guru» about blender and photorealistic shaders and also this How-To create HDRI images by Greg Zaal.