Creating a new header pic: Part 2

Due to change in weather, I’ve decided to update my current header pic project from snowy to springy. I shot some more pictures and learned from the mistakes I’d made while creating the first panoramic images as lighting and reference material (E.g. not to change camera settings or PTGui won’t recognize bracketed exposure sets).

In other news: Because my old MacBook Pro just wouldn’t deliver, I’ve acquired a shiny new HP Z2 mini Workstation which seems to handle the workload quite well. I switched back to Windows 10 for this project because a new comparable Mac would’ve been just too expensive. (Money I badly needed for a new Adobe Creative Cloud License.)

In other news: I’ve learned that if you need some real-world terrain meshes for reference or modelling purposes, you can get them via SketchUp and it’s built-in geolocation system.

And for anyone who’s wondering what all this might be leading up to some random design sketches:


With «Independence Day – Resurgence» coming to theaters, it’s only appropriate to share my last big filmschool project from 2007: «Aurora – A Fictitious Trailer», which was heavy influenced by over-the-top, big event, high-concept blockbusters like «ID4».


And here’s some outtakes and bloopers for your viewing pleasure:

Big Thanks to all the nice people who helped realizing this project. I had the most fun I’d had in a long time creating it.

Being a nod to the idea what «Independence Day» would’ve looked like if it was set in Switzerland, I named the project inspired by the first verse of the Swiss national anthem: «Trittst im Morgenrot daher…» («When the morning skies grow red, and over us their radiance shed Thou, O Lord, appeareth in their light…») and I borrowed the name of the roman goddess of dawn: Aurora,… mostly because it sounds cool.

Spitzenleichtathletik Luzern 2016


What’s the fastest possible way to transfer your pictures and videos from your iPhone to your MacBook? I’don’t know… but here’s a step-by-step tutorial how not to do it:

  1. AirDrop: iPhone can’t find MacBook Air.
  2. AirDrop: iPhone finds MacBook, but doesn’t transfer too much.
  3. Looking for iCloud. No chance.
  4. Activate iCloud on iPhone.
  5. Can’t transfer photos to iCloud (can I?)
  6. Trying transmitting images via E-Mail: Forget it!
  7. Try Dropbox: Veery slow…
  8. Checking again Airdrop: Still nothing.
  9. Checking Dropbox: Still very slow…
  10. Setting up USB. Trying Photos App. Realizing: Not enough storage space on MacBook Air to save all the pics. Aha!
  11. Switching to (too old) MacBook Pro. Plugging in USB…
  12. Starting up Photos App: «Preparing Photos: 13%,… 14%,…» Veery slow, again.
  13. Starting up Picasa… Bad Idea. RAM’s getting upset.
  14. Checking again the Dropbox-Folder. Almost done. OK, I surrender.
  15. Uploading designated pics from MacBook to WordPress: HTTP ERROR! (Panorama-Pics are too big, I figure)
  16. Resizing via Photoshop (RAM disagrees)…
  17. Finally uploading Gallery.
  18. Uploading Slo-Mo Video directly from iOS to YouTube and wondering: will it be in Slow-Motion?
  19. It IS in slo-mo!
  20. Finally ready to publish another article noone’s gonna read and…
  21. …good night, I’ve had enough for today!