4.5 out of 5 stars

Too lazy (and too drnk right now) to write a proper review (and don’t have the time to get into details, I have to get even more drnkn in a minute), but after my «Roma» “Review” I feel that I have to show that I still have some sense of proper movie-appreriationtiaion for some to like SOME artsy-fartsy movies!

I’m just rewatching «Birdman» and wanted to let you know, that it’s great and you absolutely have to watch it! Like now!!!

I problaly shouldnt wirt e this but it’s really graet, where are those really grat movies now? Frget «Rpoma», watch «Birdman»! BIIIIRDMAAAN!!!

Lets get some more Oscars over here, plse, bevore «Roma« gets, tehm!

Dad?! Dad!?

Feline: A True Story

I’ve recently found myself ruminating and wondering why there hasn’t been a decent movie with some good ol’ cat content?

Cats – Undoubtably the best thing on the internet and the pinnacle of entertainment itself. So why not make them into a feature film worthy of a bunch of Oscars?

Well, your wait is over! I present you the next sensation in theatres next year: An anthology all about cats featuring some of the biggest talent in Hollywood: «FELINE: A True Story»

Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

The Revenant

4.5 out of 5 stars

Alright Leo, you can keep yours,… but let’s get some more Oscars over here to this Lubezki cinematographer guy. This movie belongs to him. It doesn’t get much more cinematic than that.

The Revenant

Besides some neat storytelling moments, I didn’t care much about the plot, though.

BTW: Didn’t thought that Ultra-HD would make such a difference. But man, that IS some beautiful home cinema experience. The investment in a 3rd gen Apple TV (1080p) DOES show on a 4k screen compared to the first generation (720p). (Don’t know about Apple TV 4, though; didn’t need either the 7.1 Audio or the gaming capabilities. And there’s some nice upscaling going on in my Sony TV Set apparently).

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<spoiler>«I thought they smelled bad on the outside.»</spoiler>