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While simultaneously trying to connect a new wireless speaker*, writing an article, and of course, watching a movie, I was considering to write some reviews of some «old» movies, starting with «Edge of Tomorrow» (which I’m enjoying right now).

But then I realized that my reviews don’t really work that way because they’re mostly spontaneous, in a train of thought, «Gonzo»** kind of way, which doesn’t allow reviewing movies too long after I’ve watched them (the first time). Maybe I’ll find a different format for that some other time.

That’s why I have a different treat for you today: My new header picture gallery!

When I began making them, I was trying to give my Facebook profile some extra flavour and ended up creating some images grounded in my love for movies, TV and comics, with a hint of «je ne sais quoi», something fresh, personal (let’s say a cute piglet) – sometimes successfully,… sometimes not so much.

Finally I built a whole website and blog persona around it.

Please enjoy!


To be updated…

* unsuccessfully – I’m finally giving up AirPlay, it’s just not reliable,… I tooth my music blue now, only. 

** «Gonzo» might not be the apt*** word, but I wanted to use it anyway. (I just read the first paragraph about it in Wikipedia (as much as I got to read of «Nova Express», which is not by Hunter S. Thompson, I know.))

*** «Apt» might not be the apt word, I just google-translated it.

The First Avenger: Civil War

4.5 out of 5 stars

Marvel did it again! They once more delivered a solid, action-packed, and most important: FUN comic book movie. One could argue that Civil War and Batman v Superman follow basically the same plot. <spoiler>The superheroes in both universes seem to share one trait: they’re all mamma’s boys. Not that that’s a bad thing. Love you mom!</spoiler>.

But the folks at Marvel just know how to nail it almost every goddam time!

Most importantly, as always, this newest Marvel flick knows how to have a good time. Paul Rudd, I love you, man!

And they even managed to establish a reeeeallly cool Spidey in just a couple of minutes,… something Sony wasn’t able to do in two whole movies.

On the negative side, Marvel still has it’s problems with the bad guys. <spoiler>Zemo reminded me too much of the latest Blofeld. All build-up, no real pay-off (in this movie, that is.).</spoiler>

Captain America 3 may be not the best Marvel movie, but it’s a keeper. Go see it! Like in: NOW!
And as always: Good luck DC, you gonna need it.

(Yes Scarlett, I still love you, too)