Get Out

3.5 out of 5 stars

Very noicce try. Jordan Peele does a wonderful job in building an interesting world, setting up solid characters and introducing us to a fantastic concept of a story that, not accidentally, reminds us of a different movie set in a similar universe which name I won’t mention because of spoilers.

And there’s the Problem:  Unlike the not to be named modern classic, «Get Out» promises a little too much for its own good. It can’t quite deliver the payoff it deserves when the movie seems to lose interest in its own story and falls flat in the last act. There might be a masterpiece in there but it just barely couldn’t get out. (Yes, I just wrote that).

Black Panther

3 out of 5 stars

I agree that the success of «Black Panther» (and «Get out», for that matter) is an important step in the right direction for an industry (as well as an audience) that has to redefine itself to stay relevant and acceptable today and in the years to come. Way to go!

But entertaining as it is and giving the genre a new, interesting spin once again, for a Marvel movie, the Panther seems tame, on the weaker side of things. (But I guess I’m not the main audience they where going for anyway).

Happy though that it’s my beloved Marvel Studios, now ten years in the run, that are doing the right thing (too).

This in mind, I’m looking forward to a strong female protagonist in «Captain Marvel», hoping the makers stay focused and won’t overdo it because of the ongoing #meToo discussion. (Something I won’t hold my breath for at this year’s Oscar celebrations. Given the circumstances and having seen the nominations livestream, I fear the Awards show will present itself chumming and even more unpalatable than usual).