The Burger King is dead… (revised)

…long live the Republic!

With all those annoying royal babies making headlines, let’s imagine what a democratic fast food experience might look like compared to the proper monarchial way of burgering me:

Since the initial post of this article I’ve spotted one major flaw in the first version of my Burger Republic model. I stand and correct and I’m eager to give you a more accurate scheme: 


For comparison, here’s the first, flawed depiction:


Creating a new header pic: Part 1

It’s high time to create a new header image for Main shooting has wrapped, now it’s time to really get started:

Trying out  something new this time, I’m currently getting the hang of Blender, photorealistic shading and HDRI lighting.

And while I’m waiting for my first HDR image to be processed by PTGui (fingers crossed) I finally understand why a certain professional panoramic photographer (and friend) always insists to get the newest and fastest computer to do his «dirty work». Man, that automated panorama stitching is awfully slow on my old MacBook Pro!

In the meantime, I’d like to share some great tutorials by the «Blender Guru» about blender and photorealistic shaders and also this How-To create HDRI images by Greg Zaal.