Oscar Nominations 2019

🎥Now you can find all them #Oscar nominations (as baffling and undeserved as roma some of them might be) in our interactive Oscar Overload Oxperience 2019 over at Blick.ch! 🎞️ 🍿🥤

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The Burger King is dead… (revised)

…long live the Republic!

With all those annoying royal babies making headlines, let’s imagine what a democratic fast food experience might look like compared to the proper monarchial way of burgering me:

Since the initial post of this article I’ve spotted one major flaw in the first version of my Burger Republic model. I stand and correct and I’m eager to give you a more accurate scheme: 


For comparison, here’s the first, flawed depiction:


And the Oscars 2017 went to…

Wow, that was awkward – «Moonlight» wins best picture. Six Oscars (none for best picture) go to «La La Land» – one for best direction by Damien Chazelle, the youngest director (32) ever to receive the award. #merylsayshi
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