Ready Player One

3 out of 5 stars

Didn’t hate it. Didn’t love it. But I might look into Ernest Cline’s book. The premise sounds interesting, after all, even if this movie adaptation didn’t really work for me.

At least it’s nowhere near the eerie awfulness that was «Artificial Intelligence». Even the fact that «Ready Player One» made me think of «A.I.» should be a warning sign if the reason for it wasn’t the part I liked most about «Ready Player One».


3 out of 5 stars

Christopher Nolan is a very cool director. He makes very cool movies. That’s great for fantasy or science fiction but for a war-themed movie like «Dunkirk» his modus operandi is an unusual approach. The movie is gorgeous to look at, but if it wasn’t for Hans Zimmer’s excellent soundtrack, I wouldn’t have felt much watching it.

Depicting war as a force of nature without any real antagonist doesn’t help either. But that’s not really a problem because «Dunkirk» was not made to be a war movie.

The funny thing is that while the movie might lack emotions by identification, it is still better described as a feeling than as a movie. A thing to be experienced, not watched as a traditional hero’s journey motion picture (Terrence Malick comes to mind). And it does a very good  job at it.

All in all, watching «Dunkirk» and «Darkest Hour» back-to-back was a lucky happenstance, making one damn fine double feature movie night with two sides of the same precious coin.