Don’t buy them BeatsX earphones!

1 out of 5 stars

They are C R A P !

It’s almost sad to say, but the sound quality of the BeatsX by Dre earphones would be very decent, and imho they are way cooler than the standard AirPods.  And since the brand belongs to Apple they pair nicely with the iPhone and Apple Watch without always having to go through the bluetooth-settings  – AS LONG AS THE DAMN THINGS WORK!!!

But in the last SIX MONTHS I’ve gone through two pairs now until they just broke again. A blinking red LED error code all over again. No firmware update nor a reset would help. When I replaced the first pair the nice man at the Apple store told me this was not an unusual problem.

So, Dre, you might be a Doctor (which I doubt), but your BeatsX earphones suck balls! And Apple, f*ck you, too!

Sonisphere Lucerne 2016 Day 1 – Iron Maiden

My first time-laps video with pictures of «Allmend Rockt» featuring Iron Maiden and others:

Not too impressive, but I learned three things today:

  1. My camera doesn’t charge via USB.
  2. Auto Focus is a terrible idea when it rains.
  3. iMovie still, truly sucks balls, so hard, in so many ways.

Sonisphere Iron Maiden

Just replaced the original video with a 4k version for better viewing experience.