2.5 out of 5 stars

1st half very intriguing. 2nd half not so much. 3rd half – don’t be silly. Little bit on the preachy side but visually amicable. I was entertained and left content mainly thanks to the fact that, though Clooney was as clooney as Clooney gets, he wasn’t even the most charming character in it. (Chapeau, Raffey Cassidy.)

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  1. Irgendwie leider scho, ja. Zu Beginn hani no eher dĂ€nkt, s’chönnt öppis wĂ€rde. Trotzdem chan ich am Clooney fasch nĂŒd ĂŒbel nĂ€h (usser si Batman natĂŒrli) und’s hed mir zumindest nid abglöscht. Und an Schluss bini doch wieder so iiglullt gsi, dass u em film sogar es revival vonere tote verzeiht hĂ€t (aber besser, hends nid).

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